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The greatest threat to our business

As they chatted I was wondering where all the cars were, until finally I was ushered through the workshop, past a Ferrari 360, a G Wagon and a 6.0L AMG W124 on a flatbed, and out the other side across a demolition site, past a collection of cocooned exotics (including a Lamborghini Urus) and down a narrow alley, until we finally arrived at a large storage unit shimmering in the late afternoon sun. My tummy turbo began to spool at the thought of what could be inside. The Turbo 5 perhaps?

The lights flicked on and I immediately knew I was somewhere special. The unit was literally floor to ceiling with exotics. A stunning gold 1972 Porsche 911, a menacing and super-rare Mercedes W124 E36 AMG, and a ’58 Corvette in Snowcrest White with red leather interior all screamed for attention.

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