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How did the name “Tasonic” come about?

I first met Nakane-san whilst shooting Porsches at Garage Abe, a little shop near where I live. After the shoot we stood around talking about cars, and naturally the Renault Turbo 5 popped up as a personal favorite. Nakane-san casually told me his friend was restoring one at his shop, and asked if that was something I might be interested in covering for an article. Luckily, I know the Japanese word for ‘wouldn’t miss it for the world’, so we booked in a shoot for later that week.

On Friday afternoon we set off from Fujisawa to the other side of Tokyo and into Saitama. This was my first time traveling through Tokyo this year – for obvious reasons – and it was nice to see Japan’s capital city from the comfort of Nakane-san’s Nissan President. It was touching 38°C (100°F), and he graciously blasted us with cold air conditioning, even though I knew he was cold.

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