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The greatest threat to our business

As they chatted I was wondering where all the cars were, until finally I was ushered through the workshop, past a Ferrari 360, a G Wagon and a 6.0L AMG W124 on a flatbed, and out the other side across

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September 2020 New Mobile App Update

We arrived at what looked like a steel fabrication factory, and inside were greeted by Higashitani-san, who graciously accepted a bouquet of orchids from Nakane-san. They both lit the first of many cigarettes and proceeded to catch up, as old

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How did the name “Tasonic” come about?

I first met Nakane-san whilst shooting Porsches at Garage Abe, a little shop near where I live. After the shoot we stood around talking about cars, and naturally the Renault Turbo 5 popped up as a personal favorite. Nakane-san casually told

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