The power of mobile phone gives us all the opportunity to stay connected to the people we care about. Not only that, but mobile phones are a prime medium of communication for anyone involved in business and in a day when almost everyone owns a mobile phone Tasonic wants to play a part by enabling and encouraging communication. This is, by delivering mobile Topups to a third of the worlds mobile smartphones that are offline. 


Tasonic intends to create an ecosystem that allows people all over the world to engage in speedy and cost efficient transactions ranging form mobile Top-up to bill payments. We believe that this would be a major opportunity for the 270 million people that live and work outside of their home country. This would allow them stay connected with friends and family as well as play an active part in the finances back home.

Why Choose Us

Having entered the marketplace at a time when the major companies already had their majority share gave us a unique insight into what customers were looking for in a company that aided their communication and transfers. We have made it our business to negotiate lower fees for international transfers as well as partner with more operators from more countries to increase the reach of our offering. This is with the hope that we may be to impact more lives positively and make the earth a smaller and less scary place for our loved ones when we are not able to make direct contact.

Top Up From Anywhere in the world 24/7

We currently support over 150+ Countries

99% of All topups sent in 60 Seconds

We process payment on secure servers

We Support Over 500 Carriers in 150+ Countries